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Blueprints for Awakening - What is Enlightenment?

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Watch a film by 16 enlightened masters. They answer the 12 main spiritual questions.

A screening of the critically acclaimed film about 16 Illuminated Spiritual Masters followed by a Satsang (meaning in the company of a Guru).

Our 3 hours long event will start with a truly unique film about 16 Illuminated Spiritual Masters followed by a Satsang together with Premananda. The film and the Satsang are both 90 minutes long.

Twenty years ago while siting quietly in his garden spiritual seeker Premananda received an inner message telling him to go and capture the old Indian Masters on film before they passed away. He had no film experience, no equipment and no notion of how to bring this idea to fruition. The result of the epic personal journey that followed is the critically acclaimed and unique documentary film Blueprints for Awakening– Wisdom of the Indian Masters, which presents in full colour the Teachings of some of the most renowned sages of our times.

Over the years, his deep love of Truth inspired Premananda to meet and befriend many Indian Saints and Masters. Finally, armed with a video camera and a list of twelve questions which he composed around the teachings of arguably India's most respected modern-day sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi, he began collecting the rare interviews with sixteen contemporary Indian Masters which can be found in this film. The questions relate to the major topics which one meets on the spiritual journey: Awakening, Self-enquiry, the nature of the mind and the world, Guru and devotion.

Premananda, who lives in the Open Sky House community near Cologne, Germany has created both books and films about his experiences working through his organisation Open Sky Press, which publishes works in both English and German.

As part of his ongoing work to assist others, Premananda offers Self-Enquiry, Talks and Satsangs as tools to assist individuals with their own spiritual journeys towards Self-Realisation. 

On the 28th November 2010, in association with Esoguru.com and the Indian Ocean Film Festival, for the first time the film Blueprints for Awakening – Wisdom of the Masters will be shown live online followed by a live Satsang (Abiding in Truth, the gathering of the Guru with his students) with Premananda, where the audience can ask him questions about the film and also about their own personal spiritual journey.

Blueprints for Awakening is for everyone who has an inner passion to know who they are and what they are doing here as a human being. It is for all who ask the question ‘Who am I?' and for those who are looking for guidance on the teaching of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi to ‘be as you are'.

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PremanandaPremananda Premananda is working intensely with people using Self-enquiry as a tool for Self-realization and offers Satsang meetings throughout Europe. In 1992, in the presence of Sri H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji) a direct disciple of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, identification with a separate ‘I’ dropped. Here his search came to an end and these years brought immense understanding and wisdom.

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