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The Four Purposes of Life

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Best-selling author Dan Millman about how to Find Meaning and Direction in a Changing World - Live

Few writers approach the topic of life purpose with the clarity of Dan Millman. His earlier work, The Life You Were Born to Live, has reached more than a million readers worldwide. Now, Dan's presentation distills decades of exploration and experience into a concise map of what we're here to accomplish on our life's journey – not one purpose, but four.

These four purposes that Dan will present are: 1. learning life's lessons, 2. finding your career and calling, 3. discovering your life path, and 4. attending to this arising moment – can bring your life into sharper focus by revealing:

- the hidden value of everyday challenges (and "voluntary adversity")
- a method of "time travel" to make wiser decisions
- the twelve required (but self-paced) courses in the school of daily life
- a mysterious system that clarifies your hidden calling
- keys to mastering the most important purpose of all

Dan's presentation speaks to all those who seek to better understand themselves and their lives – especially for anyone at a crossroads, or facing a challenge, change or decision point – when old approaches no longer work. For the first time, all the puzzle pieces fall into place. Some may experience a quantum leap in self-knowledge, insight, and wisdom. The seeds planted may bear fruit for years to come.

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Dan MillmanDan Millman Dan Millman is the author of 17 books read by millions of people in 29 languages. He teaches worldwide, speaking from all walks of life, including leaders in the fields of health, psychology, education, business, politics, sports, entertainment, and the arts.

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