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Robert Coxon

Robert Coxon has developed and fine tuned the sound that will help you empty the mind.

Robert Haig Coxon was born in Montreal, Canada and studied composition at McGill University. Highly regarded as a multi-keyboardist, Robert draws on a broad range of personal, spiritual and musical experience to create his music for meditation.

robert_the_lion_300 From the very beginning, Robert Haig Coxon has been on a quest to find the perfect music, the ultimate sound that could act as a catalyst for the listener to attain happiness, phenomenal health and a sense of purpose in life. While applying the elements that would create these desired results, it has always been important for Robert’s compositions to stand alone as aesthetically beautiful music.

The Years of Study

Robert started playing piano with both hands at the age of 1 1/2. Two years after he started taking formal music lesson at the age of 9, he was composing his own music. By age 15 he had formed his first Rock and Roll band and at age 17 he was playing in Night clubs. He continued his studies at McGill University and became an accomplished commercial- jazz musician.

The Performer

Robert taught High School band for several years before having the urge to perform full time. He became director of a 10 piece Disco band, joined an internationally known Canadian pop group called "The Bells" and began to write music for movies.
While attending Silva Mind Control - a method with the aim is to raise person’s mental abilities up to the so called alpha level when the brain wave frequency reaches 8-13 Hz. - he learned how to relax, how to program and visualize and was driven to indulge into a research and experimenting to find out what sounds help you to relax, what kind of speed and rhythm helps to reach this state of mind. His intent was to find a music that would just by putting it on in the background, without any technique, allow people to relax.

The Composer

It all resulted in his first album in 1986, “Cristal Silence I: The Silence Within”. It became a major hit throughout Canada. Cristal Silence II also became a hit, and both stayed on top of the New Age charts for years. He has been nominated four times for the prestigious "Felix" award (French equivalent to the Grammy), and quickly became Canada's best-selling New Age artist. In 1995 he released The Silent Path, which almost instantly became number 1 in Canada and France.
Robert Coxon’s long awaited album, Prelude to Infinity, was premiered in Salzburg, Austria to an ecstatic audience. It was also nominated for a "Felix" award.
He began travelling with Lee Carroll, the well-known original Kryon channel in 1998, and has remained as the musical identity of the Kryon work to date. When not on tour, Robert spends time in his studio scoring for television and writing for both his next album and his many concerts worldwide.

Transforming Sounds

Robert Coxon has always strived to create the musical formula that would awaken the human mind to its true potential. As scientists are now discovering that each individual cell has consciousness with intelligence, the doors are opening to a whole new understanding of how Robert’s music can assist in the physical and emotional healing process.

The Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia gave more scientific evidence that his music has a very powerful positive effect on listeners. The Institute was founded as a non-profit organisation by Robert Monroe for education and research. It is well-known for its work with sound patterns that can affect states of consciousness called Hemi-Sync. This technology sends different low frequencies to each ear through stereo headphones. Both sides of the brain interpret these sounds as a third signal that stimulates specific areas of each hemisphere. These soundscapes are packaged as subliminal sounds played under slow melodic instrumental music.

Experiments were carried out on Cristal Silence Trilogy and The Silent Path in their modern laboratory using the latest brain analysis equipment. To their amazement the results showed that all Robert’s music, especially The Silent Path, could stimulate the same areas of the brain as their series was doing. The only difference was that he had not added the magical formula of special low-frequency patterns necessary to create these conditions.

Although he did not consciously know about these low-frequency patterns and had not written them into his pieces, by a different creative path he had arrived at the same results. It is through the power of intent that one can tap into that place of infinite knowledge, infinite wisdom and be guided to create something that can make a difference in this World.

The Mental Clarity Sound: Harmonics of the Universe

In conjunction with a medical research team who specialize in retraining the brain, Robert Coxon has developed and fine tuned the sound that will help you empty the mind while entering into a deep state of relaxation. He named this sound the Mental Clarity Sound.

Robert Coxons workshop and lecture, The Healing Power of Music is based on these experiences.


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